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Welcome to Opti-Guide.com

Discover the brand-new Website for Opti-Guide.com, where you can find all the information regarding the optical industry with just a few clicks.

In addition to a brand new design, the new Opti-Guide is full of new benefits for all professionals in the optical industry such as you.

Some of the highlights include

  • A responsive Website, universally accessible. Access the information that interests you on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet or personal computer
  • You no longer need to login. Get directly the information you need regarding suppliers and brands, without having to log onto the site
  • Find all the details on suppliers who registered as Opti-Guide members
  • Find out the ground breaking news of the industry, daily. Sharing news is easier than never, since login is no longer required
  • All the optical industry's major events, in Canada and across the globe, are available at your fingertips. Planning your networking and training is a piece of cake
  • New accessible and fun polls, updated regularly
  • A reviewed and updated ranking, to help you find the information easily
  • Learn more with our new advices for all professionals

And many more!

More than ever, Opti-Guide.com is YOUR leader in optic.

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Opti-Rep is the #1 key for representatives. You can finally keep all the information you need within reach. Find all the suppliers, brands and professionals’ details and contact information faster and easier than ever before. Our key-indicators and statistics allow you to create customized strategy for your ECP’s, You will have all in hands to assist your clients in achieving maximum sales and growth in their specific market; Perfect to help you and your clients meet your own objectives!

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Did You Know?

Online optical purchases

"According to Alan Ulsifer, chair and CEO of FYidoctors, data shows that anywhere from 9 to 27 percent of consumers are now purchasing eyewear and contact lenses online."

For more details, read our article Taming the Tiger: Internet Retailing for the Bricks and Mortar Crowd

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