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The opticians give advice

They help customers select appropriate frames, order the necessary ophthalmic laboratory work and adjust the finished eyeglasses.

Unlike optometrists or ophthalmologists, opticians do not examine the eyes or vision. Instead, they read the prescription to check for completeness and to obtain lens specifications. They measure the customer's eye curvature, distance between pupils and width of the bridge of nose using a keratometer and other optical measuring devices.

Opticians also give advice to customers on frames and lens types. They help to select frames or types of lenses to meet the optical and vocational needs of the customer.

Then opticians order the prescription from an optical laboratory. If the optician has his or her own laboratory, he or she also manufactures the glasses.

When the eyeglasses are ready, opticians have to make sure that the eyeglasses are correct and adjust the eyeglasses to fit the customer.

Opticians also help to arrange for grinding and polishing lenses. They help customers fit contact lenses and instruct them on how to insert, remove, and clean lenses.

Opticians should not be confused with optometrists or ophthalmologists.


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