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IRIS Supports IRIS Mundial for 11th Year 2018-02-05

IRIS The Visual Group is proud to announce the eleventh edition of its annual fundraising campaign for IRIS Mundial. Founded in 2001 by Dr. Jean-Pierre Tchang, optometrist, the organization aims to improve the visual health of disadvantaged people in developing countries, such as Haiti and Peru. The campaign will be held throughout the month of February in IRIS stores across Canada.

The main financial partner since 2008, IRIS is actively involved in donating $10 to the organization for each pair of glasses sold during the month. IRIS also appeals to the public by giving them the chance to donate their used glasses at one of its stores. These efforts will enable disadvantaged individuals to obtain eye exams, eyeglasses and cataract surgeries. To date, IRIS stores have donated more than $893,720 to IRIS Mundial, including $69,720 in 2017. The goal for 2018 is to reach $85,000.

"It is with gratitude that IRIS Mundial recognizes the remarkable contribution of IRIS The Visual Group, both financially and through services, both of which are essential to our projects," says Catherine Rioux, General Manager of IRIS Mundial. "In addition, the generosity of the public allows us to continue to carry out projects, to establish new permanent programs and to help more and more people recover their sight and improve their quality of living," adds Mrs. Rioux.

Consequently, the donations collected to date have resulted in the establishment of two Prevention and Blindness Prevention Programs (PPLC) in Labrousse and Limbe in Haiti. This initiative has provided nearly 33,000 adults and children access to a quality eye care system since 2010. The program has allowed us to hire local sta_ and provided the necessary equipment to support the community with the first ophthalmology clinic in each of the two areas.

In addition to its two permanent programs, IRIS Mundial has completed 23 one-time projects around the world. Typically, some 30 Canadian volunteers (optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists and others) participate in these one-time projects and work with local professionals to provide visual care to 2,000 people. The purpose of these projects is to identify the most common oculovisual problems, as well as to assess the needs and also the possibility of implementing a permanent program at these sites thereafter.

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