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Retnia to Develop and Market First-generation Ocular Diagnostic Tool 2018-08-14

In order to create and market innovative products, businesses need  to rely on adequate resources. The Government of Canada is committed to supporting innovative Canadian businesses. A driving force of the economy, innovation is the key to success because it generates growth that benefits both businesses and communities.

Joël Lightbound, Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, announced that the highly innovative company Retnia Inc. would receive $200,000 in financial assistance. The assistance is in the form of a repayable contribution to support its startup and the marketing of its first-generation ocular diagnostic tool.

Created in 2012, Retnia is an internationally renowned startup company that is developing a non-invasive ocular oximetry tool for eyecare professionals. The aim of the tool is to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Retnia owns the intellectual property needed to market the tool.

The funding provided under CED's Quebec Economic Development Program will cover all of the project activities and costs, including the development of prototype demonstrators and promotional tools, and the organization of commercial prospecting meetings.

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