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CNIB Foundation Awards Scholarships Totalling $100,500 2018-11-07

Each year, several scholarships are awarded by the CNIB Foundation to people who are blind or have partial vision loss to encourage them to continue their studies. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $12,500 are awarded to deserving recipients. This year, 41 scholarships were awarded to candidates across Canada, for a total of $105,000. CNIB celebrates the academic and personal achievements of inspiring people. For many recipients, the scholarship award provides more than financial support—it also represents recognition of their efforts and encouragement to pursue their dreams.

People who are blind or partially sighted face many challenges. Indeed, the graduation rate is significantly lower among people with vision loss than the rest of the population. According to the latest statistics, 65 per cent of blind people graduate from high school, compared to 81 per cent of their sighted peers. In addition, only one-third of individuals who are able to work have a job, largely because of the prejudices that persist. "Winning this scholarship demonstrates to me and others like me that I am still able to achieve high academic standards despite a visual impairment," says Allison Lee, one of the recipients.

These scholarships contribute to the empowerment and workplace integration of dynamic young people. It is a concrete way to accomplish the CNIB Foundation's mission and enable these people to realize their potential and even surpass themselves.

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