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Catherine de’ Medici Eyewear Now Available in Canada 2018-11-10

Catherine de’ Medici 1533 is a luxury women’s accessories brand. Specializing in eyewear and footwear, it celebrates the combination of audacity and avant-garde approach that has always characterized Catherine de’ Medici’s unique vision.

As the icon of the House of Medici, Catherine de’ Medici is not just the renowned queen of France. Her passionate nature and her unique approach made her a multi-faceted character. Crafted in Italy, Catherine de' Medici eyewear is created from the finest materials, including twisted titanium and 18k - 24k gold, spiralling into the highest style and fashion for visionary women.

Inspired by the Solomonic columns of the baroque era, The Catena Collection is a cocktail of avant-garde and classicism. The typical S-shade design is purified by the use of pure titanium that, with its lightness and brightness, gives an ultra-modern touch to the final product. This collection was created to reflect the beauty and agility of a baroque, visionary woman who has the exquisite taste and style that reflects her inner spirit. The collection is sophisticated and only has 100 pieces, specifically targeting the 35+ woman who desires to be original.

Catherine de’ Medici 1533 is distributed by Suzanne Sendel Agency.

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