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Liberty Performance Sunglasses – Engineered for the Open Road 2018-12-05

Wind and debris are too tough for ordinary sunglasses. Engineered for the open road, the Throttle and Rally are the newest additions to Liberty’s Performance Sunglasses collection for motorcyclists.

The Throttle is engineered with riders in mind. The high wrap design and magnetic removable side-shields provide full coverage from wind and debris on the open road and easily convert from road-ready to casual-comfort in seconds. The lightweight frame construction and contoured temples fit comfortably under helmets for long rides. Available in a 61 size, the Throttle for men comes in three colours: Matte Black, Shiny Black, and Shiny Gunmetal.

For riders with smaller faces and high cheek bones, the Rally has a shallower eye size, high wrap and magnetic removable side-shields providing full coverage and protection from the elements. The Rally is available in a 56 size for men and women and comes in three colours: Matte Black/Cyan, Plum and Shiny Black.

"The Magnetic Side-Shields of these frames are a performance-based technology that addresses the safety and health needs of the bike rider while providing the versatility to customize the eyewear to the specific visual and environmental demands faced on the road. This technology addresses these demands and provides frames for active patients," Dr. Alan Reichow, OD, MEd, FAAO.

"Clear, protected vision is critical to safe riding and enjoyment for motorcyclists. Protecting your eyes prevents eye injuries and helps prevent loss of control while riding," added Angela Gerber, marketing manager.

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