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Essilor Canada Launches Eyezen+ Expert 1.1 Lenses, Smarter Lenses For Connected 40 To 50 Year Old Wearers. 2019-05-01

Essilor Canada has launched Eyezen + Expert 1.1, a new vision solution which will allow 40 to 50-year-old connected wearers to unleash their full potential.

A study conducted by Essilor among 1,500 people aged 40 to 50 revealed that: screen use is the activity they do most throughout the day; they use their smartphones almost every day, as much as the computer and television, and they begin to experience near-vision difficulties that they consider to be eye fatigue.

Eyezen + Expert 1.1 lenses help relieve and protect the eyes thanks to the Eyezen Focus 1.1 innovation, which supports eyes focus efforts to reduce visual fatigue and improve the readability of small print; the characteristics of the Essilor Blue Collection, which offer protection up to three times greater against harmful blue light; and W.A.V.E. Technology which improves the perception of contrasts as well as the quality and sharpness of the image.

With the arrival of this new design, there is an Eyezen + lens for all profiles and ages, allowing all single vision wearers to benefit from Essilor’s latest innovations.

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