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HOYA Introduces “Audio Glass” Sports Sunglasses That Free The Ears To Enable Enjoyment Of Music 2019-05-29

Audio Glass is a device that enables users to enjoy music while playing sports by embedding bone conduction speakers into sunglasses and connecting them via Bluetooth to a smartphone. It enables hands-free use of smartphone voice recognition functions and can be used in a variety of ways in keeping with the user’s lifestyle such as making phone calls without cutting off external sounds and using navigation functions.

“Audio Glass” plays sound from smartphones via Bluetooth connection through bone conduction speakers embedded in the sunglasses. Bone conduction speakers communicate vibrations directly to the auditory nerves via the skull, and humans recognize these vibrations as “sound”. The greatest feature of this product is that by freeing the user’s ears, the user is able to enjoy the sound without sacrificing recognition of the sounds in their environment.

The standard lenses are HOYA photochromic lenses. The colour density of the lenses changes according to the amount of UV rays, turning clear indoors and turning into sunglasses outdoors where the sun is strong. They also block UV rays and alleviate brightness, protecting the health of the eyes.

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