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CooperVision MiSight 1 day Team Honoured with 2019 BCLA Industry Award 2019-06-27

A trio of myopia management visionaries has been honoured with the prestigious British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) Industry Award for their work in developing, researching and commercializing the innovative CooperVision MiSight 1 day contact lens. John Phillips, Stuart Cockerill and Paul Chamberlain were recognized at the BCLA Clinical Conference & Exhibition closing gala dinner, after being selected from a field of finalists who all made immeasurable contributions to the field.

Myopia is projected to affect the vision and ocular health of approximately five billion people by 2050, more than doubling today’s numbers. The rising prevalence of this condition, also known as nearsightedness or short-sightedness, is sparking the need to go beyond providing only vision correction, and deliver accessible, effective methods to slow the progression of myopia in children. These factors led each of the three pioneers to play a substantial role in developing and commercializing the MiSight 1 day contact lens, which is now worn by more than 10,000 children around the world.

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