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Essilor Canada Launches Essilor Elite Partnership Program 2019-09-05

Essilor Canada has created a holistic partnership program, Essilor Elite, to give independent eyecare professionals an edge in today’s marketplace. Using a series of innovative marketing, advertising, and digital tools, in addition to regional events and on-going training and development, Essilor is helping ECPs strengthen their business and build profits.

“Essilor Canada recognizes the need to excel in our support for the independent customer. Despite independent ECPs conducting over 60 per cent of eye exams, only 42 per cent of eyeglass wearers report purchasing their eyeglasses from independents. This is a major independent business need that this partnership program is designed to address,” explained Matt Pope, Director of Marketing.

Essilor Canada has developed Essilor Elite to be a best-in-class support partnership for long-term sustainable growth, rather than a short-term promotional program. It is designed to complement services available through existing professional networks and alliances.

Participants will gain exclusive advertising benefits designed to drive new patients to their practices, exclusive regional events beginning in November 2019, for networking and training supporting better in-office results, and increased hands-on consulting with business assessments designed to help practice owners and managers more effectively manage their businesses.

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