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DaTE Lives Up To Expectations 2019-10-02

The eyewear of the future showcase – the 7th edition of DaTE and the 4th held in Florence – has drawn to a close. The organizers’ expectations were exceeded as trade professionals and select buyers lined up to see the latest eyewear innovations and diversify their product lines, while scoping out design and avant-garde ingenuity. The array of 121 carefully selected exhibitors led to an increase in the number of overseas visitors. What they saw was research and innovation, experimentation with shapes and colours, as well as a focus on sustainability and materials.

Parallel to its B2B event held each Fall, DaTE has decided to forge a new path in the coming year by organizing an international meeting in Milan in spring 2020 that will focus on culture and the world of eyewear.

“The idea is to offer an opportunity to share ideas about design, innovation and technology in the realm of eyewear, a workshop where eyewear experts and technicians come together to share insights and novel ideas about eyewear as a social and cultural object and as an accessory, leaving aside discussion of the commercial aspects,” explained DaTE President Giovanni Vitaloni.

The next edition of DaTE is scheduled for September 19 to 21, 2020.

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