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CooperVision: Survey Shows Parents Know More About Lice Than Myopia 2019-11-13

One in four children in the United States is myopic, but according to The Harris Poll survey results released by CooperVision, only 33 per cent of parents know what that term means, or how it can affect their children’s future eyesight. The survey was conducted among eye care professionals, including 155 optometrists and 158 ophthalmologists, and 1,005 parents with children between eight and fifteen years old regarding their knowledge of myopia.

Two-thirds of eye care professionals have seen an increase in the prevalence of pediatric myopia in their practice over the last five to ten years, which aligns with data from the American Optometric Association (AOA), showing myopia has become increasingly prevalent in recent years.

Around one-quarter of parents have a nearsighted child, and about three-quarters of those children were diagnosed between the ages of three and twelve. But even though this condition is increasing, and the severity is getting worse, there are many misunderstandings surrounding myopia, what it is and why it is important for children to have their eyesight checked regularly.

Parents say they are more knowledgeable about other childhood conditions including the flu (93 per cent), ear infections (86 per cent) and lice (80 per cent) compared with their knowledge of myopia (65 per cent).

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