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Zeiss Vision Care Launches New Lens Portfolio to Address Today’s On-The-Move Visual Lifestyle 2020-01-09

Zeiss Vision Care Canada announced the launch of the Zeiss SmartLife lens portfolio, new lens design concept that addresses the evolving visual needs and challenges posed by today’s digital and busy lifestyle.

Zeiss SmartLife is now available to all independent ZEISS eye care professionals nationwide. Over the past 10 years, the shift towards using technology while on-the-go has profoundly changed the way we use our eyes and resulted in a growing number of eyeglass wearers reporting symptoms of eyestrain, tired eyes, head and neck aches.

Zeiss researchers explored this trend to determine how eyeglass lenses could evolve in response to the 21st century digital lifestyle. The new Zeiss SmartLlife lens portfolio is designed around our modern lifestyle with the goal of offering greater all-day comfort. The new portfolio is further fine-tuned by age group and visual requirements to follow our continuum care objective.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our new Zeiss SmartLife portfolio today,” said Bryan Rossi, General Manager of Zeiss Vision Care. “Our lifestyles have evolved, and we are constantly on-the-move with our smart devices. We are now able to offer an ophthalmic lens that will meet today’s digital visual demands. Zeiss SmartLife offers superior visual comfort and a full continuum of care for patients of all ages. We are excited to hear from our partners and their patients on how Zeiss SmartLife lenses perform in the market.”

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