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New X-IDE Collection Inspired by Music 2020-02-05

For its Spring-Summer 2020 collection, X-IDE continues its exploration of the world of music, mining the most disparate musical genres to name their new frames. Names that reflect their urban inspiration and a willful interplay of influences by this brand that is synonymous with energy, passion and fun.







Lyric, with its trendy shape, elegant curves and colour combinations, is designed for wearers of all ages. The sophisticated feminine feel of this metal frame is enhanced by dual details applied along the outer edges of the front – embellished with glitter-strewn or plain enamel – and by the tiny shimmer of light along with the temple tips.







Undeniably avant-garde front construction becomes the starring element in the combination Punk frame where the acetate top rim is milled on two levels – one in bright colours and one in plain or glitter-strewn transparent colours – to produce an alluring overlapping of shapes and colours that lends fluidity to the frame.














An absolute first in the SS 2020 collection are the acetate Lounge and Indie styles, both with elastic hinges embedded in the temples. What makes the slightly cat-eye Lounge and oval Indie unique is the technique of gluing the acetate sheets, ensuring that one colour blends seamlessly into the next along the angled edges of the front. 

X-IDE is distributed in Canada by Mood Eyewear.

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