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American Optical Relaunches With Historic Styles 2020-09-03

As the oldest optical company in the U.S., American Optical (AO) has long been known for their innovation, quality, and iconic sunwear. The Summer 2020 relaunched collection celebrates AO’s most impactful styles - the Original Pilot, the General, and the Saratoga. And yes, they are all made in America.

American Optical’s heritage, dating back to 1833, is not only full of impressive innovations in manufacturing but also celebrated moments in American history. AO pioneered designing and manufacturing sunglasses for American military pilots. Their sunglasses were also the first on the moon; the iconic style, now known as the Original Pilot, was worn by the entire Apollo 11 crew and is currently on exhibit at the Smithsonian. The quintessential aviator style, the General is named for General Douglas MacArthur. JFK’s favorite pair of sunglasses was the AO Saratoga. The Summer 2020 collection will relaunch all three iconic styles.

The General








Original Pilot















Much focus has been placed on developing the highest quality lenses possible. AO has a rich history in optics and is famous for meeting the high demands of pilots, for whom performance optics are crucial. With the brand relaunch, AO Eyewear continues to offer a suite of top-of-the-line lenses to suit all consumers, from lightweight nylon to optically pure glass, with polarization upgrades available. All lenses feature a backside anti-reflective coating and an oleophobic smudge-proof coating.

American Optical is distributed in Canada by Europa Eyewear Canada.

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