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Hilco Vision Acquires M&S Technologies 2021-01-13

Hilco Vision has acquired Illinois based M&S Technologies effective December 31, 2020. M&S Technologies (MST) is a leader in digital vision testing systems in the North American market. The M&S Smart System® platform is relied on by eyecare professionals across the industry who value the company’s commitment to innovation, accuracy, and dependability. In addition, the M&S clinical trial suite offers leading pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and researchers the same level of reliability to meet the needs of any clinical trial, study, or investigative research. The company was founded in 1990 by Joe Marino and both Joe and Karen Marino will be staying on in leadership roles with Hilco Vision.


Ross Brownlee, CEO of Hilco Vision (HV) noted, “M&S Technologies has always been a pioneer in software based visual acuity testing and sets the standard for excellence in this area. Innovation, market responsiveness and customer-centricity are common to both companies. Digital solutions are evolving rapidly in eyecare and M&S is also well placed to partner with stakeholders to ensure technology solutions in areas like telehealth improve service and patient outcomes globally.”


“Our software and devices have earned their leading reputation because we put the science first – supported by best-in-class quality and service. We are really excited to get this partnership established with Hilco Vision so we can continue to expand our reach and continue to develop new software-based eye health solutions for customers globally” stated Joe Marino, MST president.