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Bollé Turns to Artificial Intelligence to Develop the Most Advanced High Contrast Lens Ever Introduced 2020-10-15

Bollé is launching the most technologically advanced high contrast lens in the marketplace with the introduction of Volt +, the industry’s first lens ever developed using Artificial Intelligence.

The goal in developing the Volt + was to create a lens that provided high contrast and enhanced all colours to improve depth perception without compromising white balance. In the past, high contrast lenses enhanced one colour while diminishing other colours. The Volt + enhances all colours, offering the most complete high contrast lens that improves depth perception.

Using AI, Bollé was able to evaluate 20 million different lens formula combinations to settle on an incomparable colour experience that sets a new standard. The Volt + lens is the latest innovation to come out EPIC, Bollé’s new state-of-the-art design and technology innovation lab based in Lyon, France.

The lens technology will be included throughout Bolle’s line of sport sunglasses for the Spring 2021 season.

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